List of Greatest Sponsors of Football Teams of All Time

Football is an exciting sport that offers its viewers a lot of positive emotions that can bring a lot of adrenaline and positive energy. It should be said that in addition to this, this discipline also allows you to earn a lot of money. This sport allows athletes and sports clubs to earn huge sums due to the fact that they can sell advertising and many other things. In addition, many soccer players regularly appear in various sports advertisements and earn a lot of money.

But it is worth saying that soccer clubs still earn more money by advertising on their products. This means that the entire soccer uniform of the players of a certain club has a variety of inscriptions. In this way, many well-known brands can gain more popularity and increase their own sales. But what amounts of contracts are we talking about? Also, many people are interested in which companies invest more money in such promotion. We will talk about this in more detail in this article. Here we will talk about the most expensive brand collaborations with soccer clubs.

List of Most Valuable Collaborations in Football

Cooperation with Russian uniforms and emissaries

Currently, one of the most expensive collaborations in the world of soccer is the collaboration between two leading companies, namely Emirates and Real Madrid soccer Club. In recent years, the sports jersey of the players of this club has been considered the most expensive in the industry. This was determined after the signing an agreement by which the Emirates logo will be painted on every T-shirt owned by this sports club.

Emirates is one of the largest soccer sponsors. They spend huge sums of money every year to sponsor the top soccer crews in the world. They constantly sponsor all kinds of football crews. These include the English crew Liverpool, in which more than 45 million euros have been invested, as well as Olympique Lyon, in which the company has invested more than 22 million dollars.
Returning to the most expensive cooperation, it should be said that the total amount of cooperation is 420 million euros. The contract was signed in 2017 and will expire in 2023. Every year the company invests 70 million euros.

The Collaboration Between Volkswagen and Wolfsburg

The next large-scale cooperation is also considered one of the longest in the history of all football. It’s worth saying that Wolfsburg receives enormous investment from one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. So Volkswagen every year invests more than 20 million euros every year.

As noted earlier, the contract between this automaker, as well as the German football crew is one of the longest in the history of football. The contract is extended from 2013 to 2029. Thus, Volkswagen must invest in the development of this crew for a long time. In addition to being an extremely economic arrangement, it is also a good opportunity for huge brands to engage the public in a particular cause or issue.

Contract Between Bayern Munich and Deutsche Telecom

Another costly arrangement between a leading football crew and another considerable company is a collaboration between a German crew and a company. One of the most famous and influential football crews in the world, Bayern Munich, signed a huge contract, which was able to sign a cool contrast with the German company Deutsche Telecom.
The contract amount is more than 310 million euros. This is a very large amount divided by the duration of the contract. Thus, the football crew receives more than 45 million euros in money every year.

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